“Highly Recommend”

I loved going to IMDT, they were amazing assets and helped me in every way they I could, I highly recommend this school!

Tiffany O'Neal / Google

“Very Helpful”

My experience at IMDT was amazing. The instructor and staff overall were very helpful in my experience there and I would recommend this school to anyone. Very quick to respond to any question or problem. The medical program was very hands on and provided all the information I needed for my career.

Lauren Barnes / Google

“The Staff is Amazing”

IMDT is an awesome school to come to if you’re looking to begin a medical assisting career. The staff is amazing and the instructors are the best and most thorough instructors ever. I’ve really enjoyed being a student here!!!!!!!

Ge Marie / Google

“Fast and Simple”

So happy that I decided to go to school here. It was a fast and simple process throughout the whole time. Very helpful staff and teachers. Highly recommend it!

Madison Poore / Google

“I am well prepared”

From the beginning the staff made me feel so welcome.My advisor did everything she could to prepare me before my first day of class!I am now 2 weeks into my second semester and still receive help from her anytime I need it.My instructor is amazing! I have learned so much from her! She makes sure to take the time to answer any questions and goes over the content in the book so that you can understand it. Soon I will be starting my externship and I feel like I am well prepared thanks to this awesome school!I definitely would recommend this place to any of my friends that are thinking of attending!!

Breann Nicole Boyd / Facebook

“Turning my Life Around”

I enjoyed the atmosphere and everyone there. Even with it being a short classes we still were able to get hands on experiences. We were instructed well from the book and the inturucters experience outside in the dental field. Would recommend everyone interested in going if you’re wanting something quick. Thank you IMDT for helping me turn my life around.

Jaime Lynn / Facebook

“The Teacher is Awesome”

My first day I was so nervous not knowing the teacher the students, but let me tell you the second day I came in,we had so much fun everybody is just so sweet very welcoming nobody judges you if you make a mistake and that’s what I like about this school,and the teacher is AWESOME!

Irma Gracanlic / Facebook

“Thank you all so much!”

IMDT has been a rewarding and beneficial program to myself and my future. I feel humble as I leave because I know if it weren’t for the teachers and staff and my fellow peers and my own family at home I wouldn’t’ve made it this far. I hope I can make those people proud by being the best that I can be in my career field and to my patients. I highly recommend IMDT if you want to better yourself and have peace of mind going into a field to help others and gives you something to look forward to each and every day you get up for work. Thank you all so much!

Hannah Potter / Facebook