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Campus Location: Fort Myers

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Business Street Address:  

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Please respond to the following:
INSTRUCTIONS: Consider each item separately and rate each item independently of all others. Select the rating from the dropdown that indicates the extent to which you agree with each statement. Please do not skip any item. Any question scored less than 3 requires explanation or if you wish to leave additional comments, please describe in the box below the statement. All graduates must complete this survey to receive their transcript and certificates.

5 = Strongly Agree 4 = Agree 3 = Acceptable 2 = Disagree 1 = Strongly Disagree

General Evaluation

I was informed that I would receive a program certificate of completion after completing all requirements.  

The classroom/clinical portion of the program adequately prepared me for employment.  

The clinical externship portion of the program adequately prepared me for employment, if applicable.  

Upon completion of my classroom training, an externship site was available to me, if applicable.  

Admissions staff are knowledgeable in programs and provide courteous service.  

The course content is consistent with the program’s goals.  

I would recommend this program/institution to friends or family members.  

Instructor Evaluation

My instructors were knowledgeable in the subject matter and relayed this knowledge to the class.  

The instructor’s development and presentation of material is consistent with the syllabus.  

The instructor explains concepts clearly and in an organized manner.  

The instructor encourages group interaction and critical thinking.  

The instructor provided adequate feedback in a timely manner.  


I, , acknowledge upon IMDT receiving this Graduate Survey my Transcript(s) and Certification(s) will delivered to me. I acknowledge I have had the opportunity to express my thoughts in writing concerning my education with IMDT. I also authorize and give consent to IMDT to contact my employer and obtain employment C Information verification needed to maintain llcensure requirements and placement tracking records. 

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